Titans VS Chiefs NFL Wild Card Game 01/06/2018

Titans VS Chiefs NFL Wild Card Game 01/06/2018

The first game of the 2018 NFL playoffs kicked off with the Tennessee Titans at the Kansas City Chiefs.  Quarterback Marcus Mariota appearing in his first playoff game.  On the Kansas City side of things the Chiefs have not had a playoff win at home in over 20 years.

1st Quarter

Travis Kelce caught a 45 yard pass from Smith that set the Chiefs up for the first score of the game.  Kareem Hunt scored two plays later.  Chiefs 7 – Titans 0

Travis Kelce 13 yard touchdown reception from Smith puts the Chiefs up 14-0.  Alex Smith 154 yards passing in the first quarter.

End of of 1st Quarter Chiefs 14 – Titans 0

2nd Quarter

Mariota had a good drive going, until he threw an interception to Marcus Peters.  First turnover of the game midway through the 2nd quarter.  The Chiefs were unable to do anything after the interception and had to punt the ball back to the Titans.  Each time it the Titans got momentum the Chiefs have been able to come up with a big play.  The Titans had to settle for a 49 yard field goal with 1:55 left in the first half.  Chiefs 14 – Titans 3.  The first play after the kickoff saw Smith take a sack.  After a big hit, Travis Kelce was taken to the locker room with less than 1:00 left in the 1st half.  With .03 seconds left on the clock Alex Smith hit Hunt for another TD.  Chiefs 21 Titans 3

Alex Smith Sacked
Alex Smith Sacked
End of 1st Half Chiefs 21 – Titans 3

Halftime Stats

  • Mariota 7-13 82 yards 1 Interception
  • Smith 19-23 231 yards 2 Touchdowns

3rd Quarter

The Titans received the kickoff to start the second half.  Third down miscues appeared to be the problem with the lack of 1st down conversions for the Titans, dropped passes and penalties.  The Titans were able to get a big pickup with a pass to Henry, then were able to get in the red zone for the first time with another nice run by Henry.  The Titans ran it in but were called for a false start, shooting themselves in the foot again.  After a play that surely will be on a blooper reel somewhere, Mariota gets the Titans their first TD of the day.  Chiefs 21 – Titans 10.

Travis Kelce ruled out the rest of the game with a concussion, his 2nd concussion in three months.  On a 3rd and 1 the Titans got a big stop and were looking to close the gap in the game.  As the Chiefs were punting the ball away, there was a flag on the play, running into the kicker (Titans) and unnecessary roughness on the Chiefs, the Titans caught a break due to offsetting penalties.  After all that, the Titans fumbled the punt return catch and the Chiefs recovered.  Another way the Titans have shot themselves in the foot.  The Chiefs started their possession at about the Titan 35.  The Titans showed great defense, pushing the Chiefs back, the Chiefs had to settle for a field goal, a missed field goal that hit the left upright.

End of 3rd Quarter Chiefs 21 – 10

4th Quarter

With less than a minute into the 4th Quarter Derrick Henry ripped off a 35 yard TD run, and the Titans decided to go for two, of course a flag against the Titans, two point conversion failed.  Chiefs 21 – Titans 16.

The pressure was then on the Chiefs on their next possession, however their possession ended with a punt back to the Titans.  Tennessee had been killing themselves with dropped passes, my goodness.  Mariota and the Titans sustained a drive that ended when Mariota hit Eric Decker for a 22 yard TD reception. Titans decided to go for the two point conversion which was unsuccessful.  Chiefs 21 – Titans 22.

Chiefs received the Kickoff with just under 6 minutes left on the clock.  On a crucial 3rd and 9 the Chiefs failed to get a first down.  They decided to go for it on 4th down but could not convert.  The Titans now with the ball and with the two minute warning looming, appeared to have the game in hand until Henry fumbled, the Chiefs recovered and scored the game winning touchdown.  OK, so that was not a fumble and the Titans kept possession.  Tennessee set up in the victory formation and moves on to the next round.

Final Titans 22 – Chiefs 21



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