NFL Football AFC Championship

NFL Football AFC Championship

Jaguars at New England

1st Quarter

New England received the kickoff and did what New England does, marched down the field with ease, however Jacksonville’s defense stepped up and held New England to a field goal.  Jacksonville could not respond.

End of 1st Quarter Jaguars 0 – New England 3

With 14:17 left in the 2nd Quarter the Jaguars scored the first TD of the game.  Bortles threw a 4 yard TD to M. Lewis capping a drive that went 76 yards in 7 plays.  The Patriots received the kickoff for the next possession and were taken off the field quickly, and had to punt back to the Jaguars.  On their next possession the Jaguars were able to put together a nice  77 yard drive ending with a 4 yard Fournette TD.  Jaguars 14 – New England 3.

The Patriot’s received the ball after the TD and looked to get Gronk involved on a long pass but the pass fell incomplete, however Gronk did get his first reception for 20 yards.  That would be all the Patriot’s could muster as the drive ended and they punted away.  Jacksonville’s next possession stalled, they had to punt back to the Patriots.  The Patriots took possession with 2:02 remaining in the first half.  With 1:23 remaining, Gronk took a hit to the head that drew a flag.  Gronk made his way back to the locker room appearing to suffer a concussion.  The Patriots were able to finish the 85 yard drive (47 by way of penalties) with a 1 yard TD by J. White.  Jaguars 14 – New England 10.

End of 1st Half Jaguars 14 – New England 10


Gear Up for The Playoffs at

3rd Quarter

The Patriots kicked off to the Jaguars to begin the 2nd half, the Jaguars started at the 25 after the touch back.  The Jags marched down the field and kicked a field goal taking a 7 point lead.  Both offenses struggled moving the ball in the third quarter ending with Jacksonville moving the ball.  Jacksonville 17 New England 10

4th Quarter

The Jaguars started the 4th quarter with a 43 yard field goal, making the score Jacksonville 20 – New England 10.  After a trick play by the Patriots Jacksonville appeared to take the ball from the Patriot receiver, giving Jacksonville the ball, the call was reviewed and confirmed, Jacksonville ball.  Jacksonville, blew it and could not do anything after the turnover.  The Patriots put together one of their typical drives and scored with a 9 yard TD reception by D. Amendola.  8 play, 85 yards 3:19.  Jaguars 20 – New England 17.

Jacksonville starting their drive and one could only think that they needed to score, they didn’t.  Jacksonville got another chance as New England was not able to score on their next possession.  Starting deep in their own territory they struggled to get movement and had to punt back to New England which would give them great field position starting at Jacksonville’s 30.  James white took the first play to the 15 yard line creating 1st and 10 at the 15.  Danny Amendola caught a diving catch that got NE to the 7 yard line.  2nd and two was a QB sneak to get a first down.  On first down White carried for a short gain.  On second down Brady tossed a pass to Amendola for a touchdown.  4 yard reception with 2:48 left in the game.  Jacksonville 20 – NE 24.   Bortles needed to have the drive of his life and he started with two completed passes one to Westbrook to get to the NE 38.  Jacksonville probably lost their breath as Bortles fumbled the ball but the Jags’  Robinson recovered it.  3rd down and 19, the Jags decided to pass but the pass was completed for only 5 yards setting up 4th and 14.  The Jags passed again this pass was incomplete, knocked down by Gilmore which shut down the Jags drive.  The Patriots took possession with 1:47 left on the clock, Jacksonville still had three time outs remaining put they proved to be worthless as  D. Lewis found a tiny opening and sealed the game for the Patriots.  Patriots are going to the Super Bowl!

Final: New England 24 Jacksonville 20

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