NBA Opening Night (Celtics VS Cavs)

NBA Opening Night (Celtics VS Cavs)

NBA Opening Night
Celtics @ Cavs



It was the opening night of the NBA season and the new look Cavs were facing the new look Celtics.  The Cavs start  the season with new additions Derrick Rose, Dwayne Wade, Jae Crowder, Isaiah Thomas, Jeff Green, and Jose Calderon.  You would think this team was rebuilding with all the new names and not just any names big time names.  I am guessing they are looking to repeat as Eastern Conference Champs and face the Golden State Warriors in the Finals again.

The Boston Celtics did their share of dealing in the off season as well, the new look Boston Celtics acquired:  Kyrie Irving, Marcus Morris, Gordon Hayward, Shane Larkin, Aron Baynes, and Daniel Theis.  The Celtics had the #1 seed in the playoffs last year and one would wonder why they made so many changes.  It looks like the NBA has 1 super team and everyone else is trying to stack up against them.

When the tip off of this game started it looked like an all star game, many accomplished players all together and this is just the beginning.  During the pregame it was discussed that the NBA needs to be concerned about having two super teams.  I think this should be a good season for the NBA, you still have teams like Houston, San Antonio, Washington, Toronto, Minnesota, as well as interest in what the Lakers will look like.  I think there will be some competitive games this season.  There is no doubt that Golden State is the gold standard in the West but I don’t think it will be a walk in the park.  In the East, I don’t think that Cleveland is a shoe in, injuries can affect any team, and that can surely make a difference in team chemistry.  Just as I typed that, the first injury has occurred, Gordon Hayward has gone down with an injury that looks to sideline him for awhile.  After the Hayward injury the Celtics seemed to lose a step and Cleveland began to open up a double digit lead.

Half Time Score Boston 42 Cavs 54

During the third quarter the Celtics mounted a comeback and seemed to gather themselves.  I was wondering how the Cavs would look with the addition of Wade and Rose and JR coming off the bench.  I must say if everyone remains healthy, they Cavs may be able to compensate for Kyrie.

Celtics 71-72 Cavs

During the 4th quarter Kyrie came alive a looked to take over the offense for the Celtics as the Celtics were able to take a lead.  You could hear the boos for Kyrie as he got the ball, no where near the boos that Lebron James got in his first return to Quicken Loans Arena when he took his talents to Miami.  Boston looked very competitive, even after losing Gordon Hayward.  Marcus Smart showed a lot of hustle as the Boston Celtics were able to take advantage of the 50-50 balls. Kevin Love also showed why he is still an important piece of the team late in the 4th quarter when he hit a big three and put the Cavs up seven.  Uh oh Nike, torn Jersey on Lebron, not a good look!  Kyrie last ditch effort to tie the game with a three didn’t go and Cleveland won by 3.  Ending it with a 7-0 run.

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