Mayweather – McGregor

Ok, so yesterday I plopped down the money to watch the fight that I have said was just a money grab.  Let me begin by saying the experience of streaming from was a disaster.  This has not been the first time I have been disappointed with the UFC, i.e the last time a I ordered a fight the main card did not happen because one of the fighters got sick.  I thought there should have been some kind of refund offered, because the card that I paid to see did not happen.  Moving on to the fight last night, as I was watching the first fight of the night I kept getting kicked off of the site and would have to log back in.  This happened several times, when finally it would not let me log back in during the start of the 2nd fight at all.  So instead of watching the fights I began to view twitter/facebook and other sites to see if this was just my internet service.  As I began to look up information, it became obvious that this was happening to lots of people across the country.  I soon turned to ESPN and began to watch them update us as to when the main card would began the fight.  Realizing I paid for this fight and could not watch it just burned me up inside.  So, ESPN starts to report the National Anthem is being sung, (I can’t log in), McGregor is coming to the ring (still can’t log in), Mayweather comes to the ring (can’t log in), They are reporting that McGregor is actually winning the first two rounds, I anxiously wanted to see.  I started to give up but miraculously I am able to log in at the beginning of the 4th round.  I finally got in and I have to say, this was actually a good fight from the fighters (4th round to the 10th).  It looked like Mayweather planned his attack perfectly, let McGregor fight hard the first couple rounds, let him tire and then attack in the later rounds and wow did it work.  In the later rounds you could tell that McGregor was sucking air.  I have to say that this was a Mayweather that I enjoyed watching and what a way to go out.  However, I do know that he was fighting a UFC fighter not another boxer.  I guess my take away from this fight was the boxing is not just a pound your opponent sport but a skill and very technical.  Hat’s off to McGregor too, he lasted longer than I thought, and actually got in some shots of his own.


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