Eagles@ Bears Wildcard Game 1/06/2019

Philadelphia Eagles @ Chicago Bears

The defending champs came into Soldiers Field to face the top ranked defense of the Chicago Bears. The Eagles loss the toss and the Bears deferred the ball until the 2nd half.

The Eagles first drive started off from the 25 yard line and consisted mainly of short passes and runs.  The drive ended after a 8 yard sack of N. Foles.  J. Elliott connected on a 43 yard field goal that put the Eagles up 3 Nil.  Philadelphia 43 yard field goal.  Drive Summary 10 plays, 50 yards in 5:28.  Eagle 3 Bears 0

Bears struggled on their first possession, and had to punt the ball away.  Drive Summary 8 plays, 24 yards in 4:31.  Eagles 3 Bears 0

On the Eagles next possession they went 3 and out.  Drive Summary 3 plays, 2 yards in 1:32.

Chicago also went 3 and out on their next possession.  Drive Summary 3 plays, 6 yards in 1:01

The Bears pinned the Eagles on their on 1 after the punt.  The Eagles were not able to get much going as they punted back to the Bears, which gave the ball to the Bears on the Eagles 48 yard line.  The Bears struggled on offense and could not get much going as they had to punt the ball back to the Eagles.  O’Donnell’s punt was downed at the Eagle 7 yard line.  Drive Summary 3 plays, 6 yards in 1:01.

The Eagles starting their drive from their own 7 yard line.  The Eagles mixed up the drive with runs and passes, including a 30 yard pass to A. Jeffery (former Chicago Bear).  The ball was on the Chicago 40 when the Bear defense stepped up and created a TO.  N. Foles pass intended for W. Smallwood was intercepted by R. Smith at the Chicago 35.  Drive Summary 7 plays, 53 yards in 3:07.

End of 1st Quarter Eagles 3 Bears 0

The Bears took advantage of the TO as C.Parkey hit a 36 yard field goal.  Drive Summary 8 plays, 32 yards in 4:43.  Eagles 3 Bears 3

The Eagles were driving and found themselves inside Bear territory.  With 5:27 left on the clock in the 2nd half N. Foles threw an interception intended for N. Agholor, intercepted by A. Amos in the end zone for a touch back.  Drive Summary 8 plays. 54 yards in 4:20. N. Foles had thrown two interceptions at that point.

The Bears had a scare as M. Trubisky looked to have thrown an interception, after the review it was ruled an incomplete pass.  The Bears however had to punt on 4th down giving the ball back to Philadelphia on their own 33 yard line.

The Eagles could not move the ball much going 3 and out with their possession.  Drive Summary 3 Plays, 4 yards in 1:32.

What looked to be a wild completed pass, turned out incomplete after the review.  (I suggest that you look this one up).  The Bears were able to end the drive with a 29 yard FG.  Drive Summary 13 plays, 73 yards in 2:38.

End of 2nd Half Eagles 3 Bears 6

Chicago received the ball in the 2nd half and set up at their own 17.  The drive went for 8 plays, 36 yards in 5:17.  The punted the ball away to the Eagles.

The Eagles started on their own 17 and scored a TD using combination of runs, passes and the help of penalties.  Drive Summary 7 plays 31 yards in 4:23.  Eagles 10  Bears 6

The next Bears’ possession ended with a punt that put the Eagles on their own 17.  The Eagles were not able to put more points on the board as they had to punt back to the Bears.  The Bears gained possession at their own 25 yard line.

End of 3rd Quarter Eagles 10 Bears 6

The Bears continued their drive from the 3rd quarter finishing with a Parkey 34 yard FG that was good.  Drive Summary 6 plays, 62 yards in 2:20.  Eagles 10 Bears 9

The Eagles started their next drive on their own 26 yard line.  The Bears’ defense stood strong forcing an Eagles punt.  The Bears took over on their own 20 yard line and were able to go 80 yards in 2:56 for a TD.  M. Trubisky hit A. Robinson for 22 yards for a TD.  Drive Summary 6 plays, 80 yards in 2:56.  Bears went for a 2 point conversion that was no good.  Eagles 10 Bears 15

The Eagles started their next drive on their own 14 yard line.  The Bears defense held their own as the Eagles had to punt the ball away with just over 7 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Chicago went three and out and had to punt.  The Eagles drive started at their own 4 yard line.  The drive ended with a G. Tate 2 yard TD pass.  Drive Summary 12 plays 60 yards in 3:52 Eagles 16 Bears 15.

The Bears had a chance to win the game and as has happened all during the Bears’ season, Parkey missed the winning field goal.

The Eagles move on!

Final:  Eagles 16 Bears 15





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