Chicago Bulls – 7 Game winning streak???


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Ok, so full disclosure, I am a Bulls fan, been watching the Bulls for over twenty years as a youngster, however prior to the current streak the Bulls have been terrible, I have found their games to be boring and very hard to watch.  I have found myself watching the opposing team in deciding if I wanted to attend the game.  I don’t consider myself a fair weather fan but it was very difficult to watch the team you grew up on be so terrible.  About 2 weeks ago I was going to see the Bulls VS Celtics game and I found out K. Irving was not playing and decided to watch the game at home.  To my surprise the Bulls won that game and I considered it a game that the Celtics thought they could win without their star and the Bulls got lucky.  Currently the Bulls are on a winning streak and I find myself trying to understand, are they winning because they have something or is it that every team is considering the Bulls as a rest game for their stars?

Last 7 Game Results

Bulls 119 Hornets 111
Bulls 104 Knicks 102
Bulls 108 Celtics 85
Bulls 103  Jazz 100
Bulls 115 Bucks 109
Bulls 117 76ers 115

With the Bobby Portis and Niko fight in the background, maybe that is what the Bulls needed to get a spark, whatever the case the two are playing well together.  Well, maybe I just overshot because as I wrote this the Bulls lost to the Cavaliers 115 – 112, they were competitive and that is all us fans can hope for.

I know a lot of Bulls fans are hoping for a number 1 pick next year but I have always hated that thought, keep fighting, we may have something here in Chicago!!!


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