Chicago Bears @ New Orleans Saints

Bears (3-4) vs Saints (4-2)

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The Bears came into the game hoping to get to .500 on the season.  Trubisky has not thrown the ball much since taking over at quarterback but the team has won their last two games.  As began get settled in my seat I saw that the New Orleans Saints were up 7-0.  With less than two minutes left in the 1st quarter the Bears were in the red zone with 1st and goal.  The Bears tried to run it in on 1st and 2nd downs but lost yards on each carry, end of first quarter

Bears 0 Saints 7 End of 1st Quarter

Picking up from the 1st quarter the Bears attempted a pass on third down that went incomplete, Conor Barth kicked the field goal making the score 7-3.  During the second quarter the Saints running game looked to be picking up and there appeared to be a fumble and the Bears recovered, however the play on the field was reversed and the Saints kept possession of the ball.  On the next play Drew Brees was sacked and the Saints punted the ball away.  The Bears started their next possession at their own 20.  On a third down play it looked as though Trubisky did not realize the blitz was coming and took a nine yard sack, creating a punt situation for the Bears.  After the touch back the Saints started their next drive from their 20.  It seemed as if the running game of the Saints could do no wrong as they ran at will.  The Bears defense got chopped up on that possession and the Saints scored on a 1 yard Ingram run.  Saints 14 Bears 3.  With 27 seconds remaining in the 2nd half the Bears missed a 45 yard field goal.  The Saints took over and were unable to add to the lead as the 2nd half ended.

Bears 3 Saints 14 End of 2nd Quarter

Scores at Saints vs Bears Half time

  • Colts 10 – Bengals 10
  • 49ers 0 – Eagles 17
  • Raiders 7 – Bills 14
  • Falcons 13 – Jests 17
  • Panthers 10 – Buccaneers 0
  • Chargers 7 – Patriots 15

Picking up in the third, the Saints had a big pass from their own 12 yard line and looked to continue to move the ball successfully.  But after only getting to the their own 40 the Saints had to punt back to the Bears, the punt team got of a magnificent punt that was downed at the four yard line.  The Bears were in a deep whole starting from their own 4 yard line.  On the first play from the fourth, Jordan Howard rushed for a 50 yard gain and the Bears were in business.  Trubisky seemed to be getting a little more rope to throw down field and I have to say he did not look bad.  Trubisky hit Zac Miller for a TD, spoke to soon as the catche was reversed (Bad Call) but in the process Zac Miller injured his leg.  Barth came in to kick the field goal.  Saints 14 Bears 6.

Bears 6 Saints 14 End of 3rd Quarter

During the 4th quarter the Saints were able to add to their lead with a field goal that hit the left upright and bounced through.  It was that kind of day for the Saints, everything seemed to go their way.  Bears 6 Saints 17.  Saints kicked off to the Bears for the touch back with 12:49 left in the 4th quarter.  The Bears had to kick back off to the Saints as the Bears could not move the ball for a first.  During that Saint possession the Bears may have caught a break, forcing a fumble with 7:32 left in the game.  Trubisky had two huge runs in this quarter, the first run was called back but then decided to run again and ran for 46 yards on third down.  Trubisky threw a short pass to Howard that could have scored but Howard was unable to hold on for the catch.  The Saints got called for a face mask which then put the Bears on the 2 yard line.  On the next play Tarik Cohen then dove in for the TD.  The Bears went for the two point conversion but were unsuccessful  Bears 12 Saints 17.  3:58 remained.  With 3:00 minutes left, Drew Brees threw a 53 yard pass to Ted Ginn Jr., that would turn out to be the nail in the coffin, until new life was brought about for the Bears, as Ingram was stripped for another fumble, 2nd of the game for Ingram.  Although  the Bears had an opportunity they could not move the ball and that was the final nail in the coffin.  New Orleans added a field goal to ensure the win.

Bears 12 Saints 20 Final

The Bears had opportunities but were not able to capitalize on them.

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