Alabama VS Georgia National Championship

Alabama VS Georgia (College Football National Championship)

1st Quarter

Alabama won the coin flip and deferred the ball to the second half.  It didn’t take long (less than 2 minutes) before freshman quarterback Jake Fromm threw an interception intended for Javon Wims.  The ball was thrown short but catch-able, Tony Brown of Alabama showed more determination as he took the ball from the receiver.  As Alabama began their drive Jalen Hurts showed off some running ability on Bama’s first possession.  Bama’s drive came to an end with an attempted field goal that was way off.  No points.

Georgia’s possession did not go very far and they had to punt back to Alabama.  Alabama did the same and punted back to Georgia.

Meanwhile in Chicago……


After a big sack by Alabama, Georgia was facing a 3rd & 20, running back Sony Michel broke for a 26 yard run.  Georgia was able to keep the drive alive.

Sack By Alabam
Sack By Alabama
End of 1st Quarter Georgia 0 – Alabama 0
2nd Quarter

Rodrigo Blankeship attempted a 41 yard kick that put the Bulldogs up 3-0.

During the quarter Jake Fromm made some nice passes to get Georgia within the red zone but Alabama’s defense stepped up, forcing another field goal.  Georgia 6 – Alabama 0

After the kickoff, Jalen Hurts used his legs to pick up a big run that put Alabama in Georgia territory.  But, on the next play Jalen Hurts got sacked for a big loss.  Bama had to punt the ball way.

Georgia would start on their on 5 yard line.  The Bulldogs were conservative handing the ball off twice before completing a big 3rd down conversion for a 1st down.  The drive would stall and the Bulldogs punted away to Alabama.  Tide could not do much with the football and punted away to the Bulldogs.  The Bulldogs moved the ball slowly down the field, Fromm had a run that landed the Bulldogs in the red zone.  Touchdown Bulldogs!!!  Georgia 13 – Alabama 0

End of the 1st Half Georgia 13 – Alabama 0
3rd Quarter

The Crimson Tide received the ball after half-time, as well as changed quarterbacks substituting Tua Tagovailoa in place of Jalen Hurts.  They ended up with the same result as they had to punt the ball back to Georgia.  The Dogs were pushed back on two consecutive plays putting them in a 3rd & 21 situation and of course they had to punt.  Tagovailoa had a wide open receiver but just missed him by a couple of inches that would have been a touchdown.  It was then 3rd and seven and with no pressure and a nice scramble Tagovailoa was able to pick up the first down.  He then hit Robert Foster for a slant for another first down.  The Tide seemed to be picking up some confidence with their new QB.  The offense was moving and you could feel the energy picking up.  The freshman Tagovailoa then threw a touchdown to Henry Ruggs for a 6 yard TD reception.  Georgia 13 Alabama 7

The game began to have a different feel to it as you could feel that Alabama was getting a little pep in their step.  Georgia has talent of their own and their Freshman quarterback came to play as well.  Fromm chucked a deep pass to Hardman Jr, for a 80 yard TD.  Georgia 20 – Alabama 7

All of a sudden momentum for Alabama was halted as the freshman quarterback Tagovailoa threw an interception.  But not to be outdone Fromm threw an interception himself, giving the ball right back to Alabama.  Bama had to settle for the field goal.  Georgia 20 – Alabama 10

Georgia received the kickoff and were able to get into the Crimson Tides territory, however they had to punt it away.  During this time Kyriq McDonald collapsed on the sideline and was taken out by stretcher, he was awake and alert as he was taken out.  Georgia looked to be trying to run as much time off the clock as possible as they started giving the Tide a heavy dose of Sony Michel and Nick Chubb, however points were not put on the board.

As the game picked up, Alabama RB Harris picked up a big run which got Alabama in the red zone.  The Tide were not able to punch it in and had to settle for the field goal.  Georgia 20 Alabama 13

Georgia holding on to a 1 score lead looked to move the ball down field after receiving the kickoff.  Georgia could not keep their drive alive as Michel was stopped on a 3rd down.  With 4th and 1, the Bulldogs kicked away to Alabama.  While Bama was in Georgia territory, Georgia got called for pass interference which put Bama on the Georgia 33.  A completed pass by Tagovailoa got Alabama in the red zone.  The Tide had 4th and 4  to try and tie the game with 3:56 left on the clock.  They decided to pass and Tagovailoa found #3 Wingley for the TD.  Ballgame was tied.  Georgia 20 Alabama 20

Georgia and Fromm had less than 4 minutes to try to win the game.  They could not pick up a first and had to punt away to Georgia, if your were a Georgia fan at this time, you were probably feeling a little uneasiness in your stomach as Bama received the punt with 2:55 left on the clock.  Could the freshman who hasn’t played during the year mount a great comeback and win the game?  Alabama was able to get into Georgia territory and you could feel the air being taken away from the Georgia faithful as the Bama kicker started warming up on the sideline.  With :03 seconds remaining on the clock Bama sent out the kicker and the kick was…………………………………no good!!  Unbelievable…  Georgia had new life.

5th Quarter OT

Alabama won the toss and elected to kick off to the Dogs.  Georgia moved the ball into field goal position but a sack pushed them back which created a 51 yard field goal attempt that was good.  Georgia 23 Alabama 20

As Bama tried to respond, they took a huge sack but freshman quarterback Tagovailoa responded with a 41 yard TD pass to Devonta Smith.  Alabama won and are again National Champs.

Alabama 26 Georgia 23 Final


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